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Dear Delegates of IUHPE Tallinn Conference,

We would like to thank everybody who participated and shared his/her effort. Without you the event would not have been as successful and comprehensive as it was.

Almost 300 delegates from 32 countries participated in the Conference.

The presentations of the 9th European IUHPE Conference
can be found here:

IUHPE Tallinn Conference Presentations


Organizing Committee / Conference Secretariat


Dear Delegates,

We would like to thank everybody who have registered and/or
been involved with the preparation of the 9th European IUHPE
Health Promotion Conference.

Almost 300 delegates have been registered, and about 140 presentations will be held in various sessions during 3 days.

The Conference starts on Thursday, Sept 27 at 10.30, and the registration will be open from 09.00. The Conference venue is Radisson BLU Hotel Olümpia Conference Centre, Liivalaia 33, Tallinn.

Organizing Committee / Conference Secretariat

Welcome to
9th European IUHPE Conference on Health Promotion


Dear Colleague,

Welcome to the website of the 9th European IUHPE Conference on Health Promotion "Health and Quality of Life". It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the Conference, which will be held from 27 to 29 September 2012. in Tallinn Estonia as a collaboration between the International Union for Health Promotion and Education, the Estonian Health Foundation, the Estonian Medical Association and the Estonian Union for Health Promotion.

The Conference provides an opportunity to meet and network with a diverse range of stakeholders in population health: senior professionals, leaders and experts from Europe and all over the world.

The purpose of the conference is to provide opportunity and bring together people from all European countries – practitioners, researchers and decision-makers from public and private sectors who are and feel responsible and concerned about population health, quality of life, solidarity and prosperity in European societies.
This year the conference will focus considerable attention on the impact of recent economic changes on population health, and address the issues of stimulating health promotion interventions and investment.
The main aim of the Conference is to share and learn from experiences of governments of European Union Member States, their institutions, communities and neighborhoods about the strategic management of the impact of the economic decline within their countries and search for new solutions for population health.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Tallinn in September 2012 at what promises to be a most stimulating and enjoyable event!

Michael Sparks

International Union for Health Promotion and Education

Eero Merilind

Estonian Health Foundation

Conference Focus

Population health is a fragile resource, requiring the right decisions to be made at the right time. The economic turmoil has had a devastating influence on population health in all European countries. Now is the time to search for solutions required after the economic decline and severe budget cuts.

Population health is shaped and influenced by politics and policies. Human and health developments depend on which political decisions are made and how laws and regulations defend, secure and support everyone in a society.

In plenary sessions, workshops and various exchanges at the Tallinn Health Promotion Conference 2012 participants will have the opportunity to discuss the impact of the economic determinants to population health, and start the process of envisioning solutions and ways out of it. We will tackle the overarching question “What can we do to manage population health in the current context of the economic crisis?”

IUHPE European conferences are renowned events bringing together leading professionals from all corners of Europe and beyond to take stock of the present state of knowledge and experiences, bring forward future challenges and shape the agenda to advance developments in health promotion practice, research, and theory.
IUHPE Conferences further the core business of the IUHPE – currently focusing on the social determinants of health, non-communicable diseases prevention and control, health promotion systems and health promotion in sustainable development – in developing and disseminating evidence and learning to advance the field of health promotion and in keeping health promotion on the policy agenda. 

We are looking forward to inviting a number of eminent speakers representing academia, international partner organisations, senior policy makers and leading health promotion professionals actively engaged in delivering programmes. The speakers will be drawn from across Europe and the Global community and they will focus on conference themes in connection with the main emphasis on population health, economic situation and solidarity:
- Health development and quality of life
- Population health and economic turmoil
- Solidarity and health development
- Renewing commitment to health and to health promotion
- Empowerment and health inequalities
- Health promotion priorities in 21st century
- Evaluation of health promotion